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And really 4 to 6 hours longevity is common for most fragrances. If you're a woman who loves male attention, Eau Tentre's for you.

Guys go crazy super-feminine scents like this that don't try too hard. You know what, if i have to picture this perfume i would put some pretty anime highschool girls walking under those sakura blossoms trees on a hakuna matata spring day.

I mostly get a fresh whiff of cedar in the base notes. You can wear it anywhere and not worry about overwhelming others. I like this much better than Chance, which IMO is kind of a banal snoozer.

Longevity is only moderate, but I don't mind reapplying after a few hours. Eau Tendre is very innocent, very pretty and dreamy, but with a significant backbone- enough of one to keep it from being too fleeting and wimpy.

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One of my favorites simply because my husband loves only this and one other on my skin. One of the most fresh aromas I've ever encountered. Fruits and flowers are extremely harmoniously combined. I have all the perfumes on this line of Chanel, but this one is my favorite. If it has to be a form it would be a circle or ball. It's not harsh at all (except for the Daisy beginning). Whenever I wear this I feel more feminine (whatever that means). It lasts long on my skin, about 5 hours which in my opinion is great for an eau de toilette. I love this Channel Chance en tendre but it seems to last about 2 hours or my nose gets fatigued. Watery, woody iris with a touch of caramel sweetness.

It is a very sophisticated fruity floral, and not in the sweet kind of way (fruit without the sugar, what a nice change).